LUZ (2019)

"Luz is a latin american sci-fi/magical realism story about a physicist whose father was murdered during the Guatemalan civil war. In an attempt to reconnect with his father's energy he becomes obsessed with finding a way to measure Karma through spacetime. Through his journey it becomes clear that the only way to find his father is to just let go."



- festival angaelica, minnesota, usa.
- oaxaca filmfest, oaxaca, mexico.
- mittelamerikanisches filmfestival wien, viena, austria.
- festival ícaro, ciudad de guatemala, guatemala.
- boston latino international film festival, boston, usa.


- boston sci-fi fest, boston, usa.

- Guatemalan Shortlist feature films candidates for Best International Feature Film at The 93rd Academy Awards.


*best script, boston sci-fi fest, boston, usa.

Directed by Javier Borrayo

Audio Post Production by PULSAR studios

Sci-Fi | 84 min | GUA

Trailer Luz (2019) Javier Borrayo

(5.1 surround | stereo)


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